Co-operate or Onsite Training, Here is to improve employees performance at workplace, Our Facilitators, Assessors, and Moderators are suitably qualified in their field of training and are subject matter experts in their relevant field. In addition to this All our training is accredited with the relevant local accreditation authorities.

All Safety Measures are taught & observed before operating the machines.
Fundamental Basics Starting, Shutting down & Operating the machine.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used for safety measures at all time during training.
We Offer Renewal or Refresher course -  existing Certificate is required for verification
Operate according to the manufacturer’s Specifications.
Learners are taught to Identify & explain all major components.
Walk Around Checks
Pre-starting Checks
Pre-operating Checks.
Documented evidence on completion of assessment be evaluated.
Faults and/or defects found are tagged & reported according to standard procedures. 
Safe working loads are explained in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
Inspection of the Machine is more important before Operation.
Learner should identify major components of the Machines and Learn how to Operate Safely.
Checklist is more Vital on workplace for daily use on the machine.
Our Training Services is offered to all Private & Companies.
You will learn how to inspect all the parts and how to operate. 
Measures of how to Transport to the site and from the site.
Courses comprises 30% theory, 70% practical training  & assessment.
A Good Operator is a Practical one, Will focus on how to drive.
Procedures are explained before one is declared Competence.
Risks in association with Machine Training are explained Clearly. 

The Safety act No.85 of 1993 requires all Operators to have Accredited Certificates and Operators License before Working on the Machines.


Our School has trained and up-skilled  number of candidates and professional Operators from South Africa and Neighboring Countries.


Possible hazardous conditions in the environment which may exist for setting up a Construction Machine are explained with examples.


All Candidates show up on the day of training with a positive attitude and willingness to participate in different practical scenarios.

Operators Training School near me? Affordable Price? This is the right Training Centre near You With
free accommodation if coming from far that offers the following licence to Operate: Excavator licence, Dump Truck licence, Grader Training, Mobile Crane licence, Tower Crane licence, Front End Loader licence, Bobcat licence, TLB licence, Forklift licence, Bulldozer licence, 777 Dump Truck licence, LHD Scoop licence, Overhead Crane licence, Superlink licence, Truck Mounted Crane licence, Tipper Truck licence, Tractor licence, Water Cart (Bowser) licence.


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